Terms of Sale

Terms of sale


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How the sale for the highest bid works

Every daily painting has a minimum price of 150 Euro (in the EU: incl. 7% Mehrwertsteuer = German value added tax).
The daily painting remains available from the time of publishing on the blog www.gordon.de/blog until 6 pm local time Berlin, Germany, the following day. During this time frame a purchase option through email and a bid for the minimum price of 150 Euro or higher can be placed at sales@gordon.de

Bids are only accepted in full Euro. Other currencies cannot be accepted. After the end of the bidding term, and here the receiving time of your email is the valid entry time, the highest bidder receives a first confirmation email. Please include your postal and delivery address in your mail so that I can send you the detailed confirmation.

Your painting can be shipped to a second address but please check with the addressee if there are delays I cannot follow up these shipments and do not take over any liability should the painting be lost or damaged.

This is a sale for the highest bid. Herewith the buyer receives subject to the minimum price the identification of benefit. The minimum bid does in no case represent a binding price statement nor a binding offer of contract.

The bids will not be made public. A „hidden bidding“ takes place. All bids will be collected until 6 pm the following day. During the bidding term every interested buyer can get information through email on the actual highest bid. There is, however, no entitlement to receiving the actual status of the bidding or the achieved highest bid after the sale. However, I do try to have every bidding email answered with the actual status of the bids.

Please understand that we will not follow up undeliverable email answers. Bids that come in after the closing of the sale may not be answered.

If there are equal bids by more than one intentional buyer, the first bidder amongst them receives the confirmation, if this bid is the highest bid at the closing of the sale.

Bids under 150 Euro can be sent in, but do not have any claim on being accepted, or winning the sale, or closing a sales contract. They are however nevertheless legally binding. Please understand that we may not be able to answer to a bid under 150 Euro.

We reserve the right to reject bids from bidders who have not yet paid within the prepayment schedule for their other painting(s) until these debts have been settled.

I aim to photograph the paintings satisfyingly for online publishing and according to my criteria. But colour appearance tends to vary strongly due to the many different monitor calibrations and can always only be a reference to the original.

Conclusion of contract

A contract is concluded automatically with the highest bidder by sending the confirmation of purchase after the end of the bidding term.

Please only bid for a painting if you can afford to pay for it.

The confirmed highest bid is an end price for the painting.
Shipping costs will be added (Point 5)

The highest bidder receives a confirmation email. Please read the reservation thoroughly.  There, you can also find additional information on the right of withdrawal.

Terms of Payment

Edward B. Gordon as owner of the painting, reserves the right to withdraw from a sale within the legal conditions of e.g. late payment and non-payment. Late payment starts after the pre-payment period of 14 days after receiving the confirmation.

The reservation of the painting lasts during the prepayment time, and will be stated in the confirmation of purchase. In case of non payment within this time frame the reservation expires after the end of this period.

Delivery Date, Usage rights, Selling-on, Delivery Costs

Delivery by Mail only – daily paintings cannot be picked up. Please allow a minimum of six weeks until we can post your painting. As each painting is put onto the blog on the same day that I paint it, the paint will still be very fresh and needs time to dry sufficiently.

To document each painting and its condition it will be photographed before it is sent to you. Should you observe on arrival any damage in the package causing harm to the painting please let us know immediately.

You receive an unique original painting by me. Providently, I may however point out, that all copyright and usage rights for and of this painting do remain with me. By purchasing the original you do not receive the copyright and/or usage rights. Should you wish to use an image please apply for my consent in advance, thank you.

In case of selling-on your painting we may point you to the duties regulated in Folgerechtsregelung in paragraph 26 UrhG (resale right regulation in the German copyright law). Should you consider to sell your painting, please let me know the contact details of the new owner for my documentation, thank you.

German copyright law applies!

Please email if you have any further questions about the Terms of Sale.

Also see Right of Withdrawal

Delivery Costs will be added to sales price:

Nationwide as DHL Paket: 5,35 Euro
Please  note: Valoren class II, to which belong as art objects my paintings, are allowed with DHL as DHL package nationally only up to a value of 500 Euro. If losing a shipment with higher value content, unfortunately, no refund is granted, so not even the 500 Euro. I ship by default ALL daily paintings with a delivery address in Germany national as a DHL package and so far no package has been lost, however, I may point you to these conditions as a precaution. In case of loss, I am not liable for the invoice amount or the replacement of a painting whose value is more than 500 Euro net. For paintings with a lower value I refund in case of loss the amount refunded by DHL to the buyer if he is not involved in the loss.

Airmail USA and Outside Germany, Non-EU Memberstates also see below*:
DHL Paket International, Costs depend on delivery address

Delivery Costs will be listed and explained in the confirmation of purchase.

Customs and other duties, taxes, VAT and other fees might apply for importing works of art, depending on the destination.
Please check with your respective authorities in advance.

Local costs cannot be deducted from the confirmed highest bid sales price. The postage costs named in the confirmation and payable by the buyer do not contain any EXPORT and IMPORT duties for destinations where such fees may apply.

Sealing of shipments is not possible.

*Paintings with a value over 1000 Euro being shipped into Non EU Memberstates have additionally to be handled through export customs. This can only be done by a courier service, fees for export customs handling and courier service have to be met by the buyer. These costs will be stated in the confirmation of purchase. Costs start at 300 Euro

The place of jurisdiction and of performance shall be Berlin, Germany.
Only German law shall apply.